Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spring Training Q&A

with Danny Powers

Good morning! (Again, if you're interested in my American Idol Thoughts from last night's female performances, click here)  Today, I have another Spring Training Q&A. So, let's get started right away. I can also tell you that there will be another Q&A tomorrow, so stop by.

The sixth in our series of Spring Training Q&As is with right-handed pitcher Danny Powers. Powers had an excellent first full pro season pitching at Beloit and Ft. Myers. Following the season, he participated in a Q&A for this site. In January, I wrote an article for the Twin Cities Dugout on Powers and several of his DII college teammates that were drafted in 2005. Earlier this month when I tried to project where the players in the Twins organization would start the 2007 season, I predicted that Powers would get a promotion to AA New Britain.

2006 was Powers' first spring training. The following are his thoughts as the 2007 training camp quickly approaches:

SethSpeaks: 2006 was a great season for you, including time at Beloit and Ft. Myers. Overall, how do you feel about your 2006 season? 

Danny Powers: I enjoyed my 2006 season. I was very glad to get an early promotion to Ft. Myers, and baseball is a lot of fun when you're playing well and on a good team. Overall, I thought I performed well in 2006. I hit a few bumps in the road about midway through the season, but I thought I was fairly consistent in my role with the Miracle.

SethSpeaks: How was your offseason? Did you jump right into an offseason workout routine, or were you able to get away from baseball for a little while and do some other things?

Danny Powers: My offseason began about a week after the season was over. I took a few just to relax at home. Then I had to head back to school and do some apartment searching so I could finish my degree.  

SethSpeaks: Here is a very open-ended questions, but... What does Spring Training mean to you now that you have been through one?

Danny Powers: Spring Training for me is just another step in my overall goal to make it to the big leagues. It's a chance to show the organization that you know how to take care of yourself in the off-season and are committed to playing baseball professionally.

SethSpeaks: When does spring training start for you?

Danny Powers: For me, spring training began as I began my off-season workout program. I took a few months off from throwing, but getting my body physically prepared for spring training began in late September when I started getting back into my off-season workout routine.

SethSpeaks: Do you feel physically and mentally ready for the upcoming season?

Danny Powers: I believe that I have always been mentally ready to play baseball. For this upcoming season, I made it my personal goal to be in the best shape in my life heading into spring training. I feel I'm in good shape and my arm is progressing all according to plan. So, yes, I do feel I am both physically and mentally ready for the 2007 season.

SethSpeaks: Heading into camp, what are your hopes and expectations for it and where you will start the '07 campaign?

Danny Powers: Entering my third season with the Twins, I have learned that it's too tough to try to predict where players will begin the season. I spent all but three weeks with Ft. Myers last season, and I hope to start the 2007 season at the next level. I realize that there are many players that hope and deserve to start in New Britain, and I may not start there. Regardless of where I start, I am excited to begin the 2007 season.

SethSpeaks: Have you set any goals for yourself for the 2007 season?

Danny Powers: My goal for the 2007 season is to play well and play hard enough to give my team a chance to win and myself a chance at a promotion and get closer to the big leagues.

SethSpeaks: And finally... I know one of your goals for the offseason was to finish your education in December. How did that go? Are you a college grad?

Danny Powers: I finally finished up my degree at the University of Central Missouri in the off-season. My degree was in social studies education. Whenever I can't play baseball anymore, I would like to get into teaching and coaching.

Thank you very much to Danny for taking some of his time before the start of Spring Training. We certainly wish him the best of luck in 2007!

I have yet another Q&A that will be up later tonight. I think it is a very good one and that you will really enjoy it. So, be sure to stop by later. Until then, have a great Thursday!



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