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Spring Training Q&A

with Kevin Slowey

Good morning everyone! Well, I am back from a nice three-day weekend! Today, I have another Spring Training Q&A, but I am going to follow it up with some links and thoughts to get caught back up. So, let's get started right away. I can also tell you that there will be another Q&A tomorrow, so stop by.

The fourth in our series of Spring Training Q&As is with right-handed pitcher Kevin Slowey. The Pittsburgh native who went to Winthrop University last participated in an interactive Q&A with the SethSpeaks readers last July. His first Q&A here was back in October of 2005. He also participated in the Spring Q&A last year. And those of you who read the site during the offseason, Kevin has participated in the SethSpeaks NFL "Expert" Picks panel. When I came out with my post-season Top 50 Twins Prospects list, it came as a surprise to no one that I ranked Kevin #2, behind only Matt Garza. In many organizations, Slowey would probably have made his big league debut last year already. Within the Twins organization, he will be given time and patience to be sure that when he will not be called up before he is ready. That said, he could be ready very soon and is even now being mentioned as a dark house for the opening day starting rotation.

The following are his thoughts as the 2007 season quickly approaches:

SethSpeaks: 2006 was a season of great success for you at several levels. Overall, how do you feel about your 2006 season?

Kevin Slowey: I feel good about how my 2006 season went. I had a chance to play on a handful of different teams, and at a couple different levels. I was blessed to stay healthy all year, and got to play with some great teammates and coaches, which makes everything a lot easier. I still have plenty of things to work on though, which I'm sure ill get started on here in camp.

SethSpeaks: What were a couple of the highlights of the season in your mind?

Kevin Slowey: Getting a chance to start against Cuba in the Olympic qualifier was pretty amazing and something I'll never forget... I think it'll be tough to top. 

SethSpeaks: How has your offseason been? Did you jump right into an offseason workout routine, or were you able to get away from baseball for a little while?

Kevin Slowey: After the Fall League I took a couple weeks off to just relax and then got right back into it. I spent time at home in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but otherwise was living in Durham and working out, lounging out, etc.

SethSpeaks: Last year was your first full season of professional baseball. You appeared to remain quite strong right through the end of the season, the AAA playoffs and the Arizona Fall League? What does your offseason conditioning program consist of?

Kevin Slowey: My offseason conditioning the last two years has been at the Sports Performance Center at Duke University. Its a Monday through Friday setup each week consisting of running, core work and weight training. The trainer and group of guys I work out with are all pretty great, and really take the workouts seriously (without falling into the Meathead category hopefully).

SethSpeaks: Here is a very open-ended question, but... What does Spring Training mean to you?

Kevin Slowey: Haha, open-ended indeed. For me, Spring Training means seeing all the guys again, catching up and really focusing on getting ready for the season ahead of you.

SethSpeaks: Heading into your first Major League camp as a Non-Roster invitee, what are your hopes and expectations for it?

Kevin Slowey: Well, being that it is my first Major League camp I'm not really sure what to expect. I'm looking forward to getting some good experience, hanging around everyday big-league players, and learning as much as I can.

SethSpeaks: Where would you like to start the '07 campaign?

Kevin Slowey: As much as I hate using old lines, I really think the Twins are right when they preach that the most important part of a season is the end of it...how you progress and where you finish are way more telling than where you start. Hopefully Ill have a good answer by the end of the season.

SethSpeaks: When are you heading to Ft. Myers for spring training and when does camp officially start?

Kevin Slowey: I'm actually already in Ft Myers, I drove down from Durham the 11th. Camp officially starts the 18th, that's when pitchers and catchers report.

SethSpeaks: Do you feel physically and mentally ready for the upcoming season?

Kevin Slowey: I feel like I've done everything I can to be ready, but this might have to be another question you'll have to re-ask midway through the season.

SethSpeaks: And finally... what were your thoughts on Twins Fest and, how about the Minnesota weather in January?

Kevin Slowey: Twins Fest was awesome, It was amazing to see just how many people came out. As for the weather.... a little colder than I'm used to, even in Pittsburgh, I'M casting a vote for a retractable roof on that new stadium, but I'm not sure how much pull I really have up there.


Thank you very much to Kevin for taking some of his time before the start of Spring Training. Obviously we wish him the best of luck in 2007!


While I was away... here are some links and articles for you to check out.

Please remember, these Spring Training Q&As will be posted as I receive them. So, be sure to check back from time to time.. Please leave Comments or follow-up questions that I can take back to Kevin for response. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day!! 



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